2013年8月11日 星期日

台北闊飯店(Hotel Quote Taipei)T房型 T Room

旅館:台北闊飯店(Hotel Quote Taipei)
地址:台北市松山區105南京東路3段333號(No.333,Nan-Jing E. Road, Sec. 3, Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)

入住房型:T房型(T Room)
網路:免費有線/無線上網 Free internet access

這次入住是透過 Pointshound 訂房網站下訂的,訂房時因為 Pointshound 正在進行額外 500 哩 bonus 的促銷活動,所以這次入住一晚,總共得到了 1400 哩。關於 Pointshound 網站的介紹,可以看這篇文章

我到達 Hotel Quote 的時候大約是下午三點左右。飯店的地點非常方便,就在台北小巨蛋附近,算是位在台北熱鬧的商圈內,不過飯店內倒是非常安靜。入住手續也很快就完成了。雖然工作人員有主動提議要讓專人帶我上樓進房解說,但被我拒絕了。我一直不習慣被飯店的工作人員「領」進房,感覺怪尷尬的。不過我想多數人應該會覺得這樣的服務還不錯。

My stay at the Hotel Quote is booked through the Pointshound website. When I booked the room, Pointshound was running a 500-mile bonus promotion, so I earned a total of 1400 miles with this one-night stay. For the introduction of the Pointshound website, please refer to this article.

進房之後的第一印象,其實有些讓人失望。房間昏暗、沒有對外的景緻不說(這我還可以接受),整間房間的大小約莫只有同等級飯店的標準房大小而已。T房型是 Hotel Quote 第二高的房型等級(飯店房型分為 Q、U、O、T、E 五等級,Q 為最低, E 為最高),只有這樣的坪數確實相當讓人難以接受。

I was quite disappointed by the room after seeing it for the first time. First of all, it was really dark and lacked any view whatsoever (but this is fine, I can live with it). The more serious problem is the size of the room, it was at most the same size as the standard rooms of other hotels of the same level. The T Room was supposed to be Hotel Quote's second highest room category (the hotel has five room categories, Q, U, O, T, E, with Q being the standard room and E being the best room), so the size of this room was unacceptable in my view.

在走進房門後,最先看到的就是浴室,大小還算 OK,可惜只有一個洗手台,而且浴缸也相當狹小。不過整體而言算是相當精緻。不但使用 TOTO 免治馬桶,所有備品數量充足、品質也都非常好。過去我從未使用過 Damana 這個品牌的備品,但使用後真的相當滿意。

The first thing you'd see after entering the room is the bathroom. The size of it was fine. Sadly there was only one wash basin, and the size of the bathtub was really small. Putting this issues aside, it was a very nice bathroom. Not only did they install TOTO toilets, all the amenities provided were of high quality (and quantity). I've never used amenities from Damana before, but I was quite satisfied with it after using it.


I was also quite disappointed by the design of the room. By design I do not mean the style of the room, actually I liked all the wood element they had incorporated into the room. What disappointed me was more on the functional side. The room lacks a proper lounging area, like a couch, lounge char, etc. There's nothing to sit besides a work chair or the bed itself. This may be OK for someone travelling alone. But if there were two people in the room, this would be more problematic. The lack of a lounging area, in my opinion, was the major flaw of the room. I'd fully accept it if this was only a standard room, but it's the second highest room category we're talking about here, so it's a serious problem.


The best part of the room, on the other hand, must be the bed. I originally thought it was on the hard side when I first lied down; but when I actually went to sleep, it was super comfortable. I also liked the fact that they placed all the lighting controls on the side table, making it very easy to adjust the lights before sleeping.

燈光控制 lighting controls

Hotel Quote 另外一個非常好的優點,就是房內的 mini bar 是完全免費的。雖然如此,在提供的選擇、數量上,比起其他飯店根本是用來搶錢的 mini bar 來說也毫不遜色,真的非常大方。

One of the other great things about staying here was all the contents in the in-room mini bar were free of charge. You would think they'd provide really crappy or limited options under the circumstances; but no, the quality and variety of the contents were on par with the normal offerings of any other hotel (which usually charge everything with prices that make you think they should just rob you).


至於在比較「商務」的功能上,Hotel Quote 也有提供相當不錯的設備。不止各樣的文具都相當齊全,也有免費的有線、無線網路。另外房內還有 DVD 播放機和 B&W 的 Zeppelin 音響。

On the more "business" or "productivity" side, there was also quite a lot of good equipments here. Stationery were provided, and also free wired/wireless internet. There was also a DVD player and a B&W Zeppelin stereo system.


The closet space was rather normal, equipped with a safety deposit box, luggage rack, umbrella, bathrobes, laundry bags, and slippers.

Hotel Quote 最主要的特色就是他們的 H.Q. Lounge。H.Q. Lounge 是開放讓所有房客 24 小時使用的空間,有提供簡單的點心、水果和飲料,還有擺放一些房內沒有的額外備品。以我自己的使用經驗來說,這是一個很適合稍微休息、享用點心的地方。不過我也覺得飯店可以多增加一些座位,因為整個 Lounge 的座位應該沒有超過 30~40 個,而且早餐也是在這裡進行,如果飯店滿房的話,座位一定是不夠用的。

The main feature of Hotel Quote is their H.Q. Lounge. It's a lounge open for all guests and operates 24 hours a day. The lounge offers some snacks, fruit, drinks, and some other amenities are also placed here. I found it very nice to rest in the lounge and enjoy some light snacks. Though they could make some improvements and add some more seating though. There were only less than 30-40 seats when I was there. Since breakfast was also served here, there wouldn't be enough seats for everyone if they're fully booked.

extra amenities


竟然是使用 Windows!
with Windows system!

light snacks 小點心

飲料 drinks

我可以想像 Hotel Quote 對於某些客人來說,會是不錯的選擇。不過我自己是不會再入住,因為房間整體空間不足、缺乏休憩空間真的是個致命傷。如果連 T Room 都無法達到一般飯店該有的水準,真的很難想像標準房的 Q Room 會是怎樣的等級和空間。

I can imagine Hotel Quote being quite suitable for some travelers, but I wouldn't stay here again. I found the limited room size and lack of an in-room lounging area to be unacceptable. If they couldn't even provide in their T Room what I consider to be quite standard in other hotels, I honestly cannot imagine the space and level of comfort in their own standard Q Rooms.